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Snoring Dentists Near Me, Reseda CA
Snoring dentist

Snoring Dentists Near Me, Reseda CA

Treating your snoring issues is vital to help you get deep, sound sleep and eliminate disturbances for those around you. At our practice, we are committed to offering the best treatment procedure for your snoring and sleep apnea issues. Our skilled snoring dentist will recommend the ideal treatment, lifestyle changes, or dental appliance for your snoring.

Who is a Snoring Dentist?

Snoring dentists are dental experts who specialize in treating snoring and obstructive sleep apnea using oral devices and other dental equipment. Here are some ways through which experienced snoring dentists can help you: 

  • They can help better your quality of life
  • They can help stop or reduce snoring 
  • They can help improve concentration issues

Procedure For Snoring Dentistry

Our dedicated team understands that snoring does not always mean you have sleep apnea. Hence, we ensure that you undergo a sleep study before any treatments begin. Our specialists offer different treatments at our practice depending on how severe your snoring is. One common way our specialists treat excessive snoring and sleep apnea is to use oral or dental instruments. 

What’s more, our specialists use these instruments to rectify mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea cases. The excellent news is that there are several options for these dental instruments, and our team of experts can recommend one that suits your particular needs. 

Our dentists use the mandibular advancement device for patients suffering from snoring; this is one of the most common dental instruments for the treatment of snoring. It looks like a sports mouthguard in appearance and is used in forcing the lower jaw down and forward a little. This instrument helps our experts keep your airway open, thereby preventing issues in breathing.

Our experienced team also uses a tongue-retaining device to rectify snoring in some cases. This device holds the tongue in the correct position and works to keep your airway open. Regular dental visits are important because these devices need periodic adjustments.

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