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Sleep Apnea Snoring Appliances | Reseda CA
sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea Snoring Appliances | Reseda CA

Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder that is characterized by the repeated pause and continuation of breathing. The most common sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea. This type of apnea results from the repetitive break, and continuation of breathing is what produces snores. 

Obstructive sleep apnea poses a potential threat, such as high blood pressure to the individual’s health. These threats result from not treating this disorder.

Who Is At Risk?

Certain groups of people are more at risk of developing this disorder than others. They include:

  • Overweight or obese individuals
  • People with a family history of snoring
  • Adults


If your doctor detects the symptoms of sleep apnea, he may recommend a sleep evaluation test. These are tests that help provide more information about the pattern of your sleep.


The treatment approach depends on the severity. Generally, approaches used to manage this disorder include:

Weight Loss: For overweight individuals, losing weight effectively to at least 10% helps reduce the number of episodes of airways obstruction.

Use of Wedge: For some people that have this sleep disorder, they sleep on their back. So the use of a wedge pillow and helping them sleep on their side may reduce the condition.

Snoring Appliances

At San Fernando Valley Dental Group, we offer a treatment that helps to manage the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. It will help you experience a good sleep at night. This treatment involves the use of custom oral appliances that are noninvasive and are easy to use. However, it is worthy to note that this treatment is best for managing mild to very mild obstructive sleep apnea.

At the moment, one of the best approaches to managing destructive sleep apnea is the CPAP alternative: Custom oral alliances. These appliances are often mistaken to be custom oral mouth guards. However, they are quite different as they perform other functions.

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