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dental implants

What to Expect with Dental Implants in Reseda CA

The technology behind dental implants has been around since the 1960s and has been well-proven to replace one or several missing teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. The result is an attractive, durable tooth replacement that stimulates the underlying bone, contributing to healthy gums around the new tooth.  Other benefits of dental implants …

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cosmetic smile makeover

Good Candidates for a Cosmetic Smile Makeover in Reseda CA

Your smile forms a central part of your image, which means that it affects both your professional and social relationships. Thanks to advancements in dentistry, there are many cosmetic smile makeover procedures, technologies, and tooth-colored materials that can be used to improve your smile. Even a subtle change to your smile can make a huge …

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dental crowns cost

Dental Crowns Cost | Reseda CA

Although fillings and crowns seem to treat similar kinds of tooth damage – chips and fractures – dental crowns provide a stronger and more durable restoration. Crowns also help to strengthen severely weakened teeth that may otherwise need to be extracted, which makes the dental crowns cost more expensive compared to dental fillings.  Here are …

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teeth whitening in reseda

What to Expect with Teeth Whitening in Reseda CA

Your smile is your most distinct feature when interacting with people. But over time with aging, the use of tobacco products, drinking colored beverages like wine and coffee, using some spices, taking antibiotics like tetracycline, consuming excess fluoride in water, and other factors can cause your teeth to discolor or darken, affecting the appearance of …

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teeth whitening

Cost of Teeth Whitening in Reseda CA

Considering that teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, it’s usually not covered by dental insurance. So if you’re planning to schedule the procedure, then you will likely need to pay out-of-pocket.  The cost of bleaching depends on several factors, including: Type of whitening treatment and sessions  Extent of tooth discoloration  Dentist skill and expertise  Location …

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dental veneers

Dental Veneers FAQ | Reseda CA

Is teeth whitening necessary before placing dental veneers? Dental veneers are color-matched to the current shade of your other teeth to create a uniform look. But unlike natural teeth, porcelain veneers cannot be stained, discolored, or bleached to change their color. So over time, your natural teeth will discolor, making the white veneers more dominant. …

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cosmetic smile makeover

Dental Exam and Cleanings FAQ | Reseda CA

What’s the worst that can happen if I skip my dental exam and cleanings? A dental exam and cleanings are intended to keep your gums and teeth clean and healthy, which will, in turn, help you avoid paying for costly dental procedures in the future. If you don’t get professional cleanings, bacteria in your mouth …

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At Keyvan Bamshad DDS, we understand the importance of having a dental practice that provides you with exceptional care. Our staff is committed to serving each and every patient with attentive care and impeccable dental work. As one of our patients, you deserve nothing less. Our practice provides general dentistry services including the prevention, diagnosis, …

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